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corticosteroids are some of the most important drugs used for control of a variety of inflammatory conditions. they have been and continue to be used in the daily practice of dermatology, especially for cutaneous lupus. the last decade has witnessed a tremendous amount of research on the tissue-specific side-effects of corticosteroids, and hence, it is possible to anticipate a better control of these unwanted side effects. nevertheless, the importance of considering the appropriate dose, duration, and route of administration of the corticosteroid treatment is warranted to prevent the development of corticosteroid-induced side effects and their untoward consequences. the aim of this review is to raise awareness regarding the side effects associated with corticosteroid treatment for the management of lupus erythematosus (le) and to develop a better understanding of these side effects. they are classified as local and systemic side effects. local side effects are related to the dose, frequency of administration, and route of administration. systemic side effects are associated with long-term use, high-dose therapy, and chronic use.

Skin Igo My Way 720x1280

there are several immunomodulatory drugs currently used in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (psa). although most of these drugs are effective in achieving long-term control, their role is not clear in patients who have failed multiple therapies or who are having a poor response to one of these agents.

after a few weeks, you can usually see a rough callus on the surface of the skin. this callus is the result of the damage to the top layer of skin caused by the friction and the chemicals present in the environment. as your hand continues to wear the callus thickens, causing the skin to turn hard. eventually, the area will harden, making it difficult for your skin to heal itself, and prevent the next layer of skin from growing.


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