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Oh, yes, it likes the rough stuff... Smacking the camera worked for us here and it was essential that the camera was working. Tried it gibgerly, still fairly ginger with the whacking, but ejected and reinserted tape a few times as well as tilting it on its side, so... Never hurts to try it before shelling out money.

tinymodel ginger 19-21

After reading all these comments I was gonna smack my piece of crap camcorder.But coming home from work I realized that was kind of silly and might cause damage to my unit.So I went home and gingerly opened the casette door. I poked around looking for loose gears orbroken plastic locks. Everything spun and looked good. I put a brand new tape in and it worked!But only for 5-10 seconds then the 31:23 error came back.

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