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Litle Girls (4) Mp4

Today is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, a day to address the impact of HIV on women and girls. When we reduce HIV stigma and promote testing, prevention, and treatment for women, we can help #StopHIVTogether. #NWGHAAD

Litle Girls (4) mp4

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Recently, players from the Little Caesars AAA Hockey girls 19U team gathered at their practice facility, the state-of-the-art BELFOR Training Center inside Little Caesars Arena, for a ceremony to mark their individual commitment to play college hockey at the school of their choice. Hear from the players themselves about what playing hockey has taught them both on and off the ice.

Shadora L. Ford would go on to become one of the youngest of her classmates in college and eventually work her way to the top of Michigan Works One. In 2010, Shadora L. Ford started DFG Mentoring and now serves over 5000 plus girls in Metro Detroit. She also runs College Ready/ Entrepreneurship Camps through Wayne State & Oakland University and employs Detroit youth through the GDYT program.

Mae Krier, 93, an original Rosie the Riveter, worked at Boeing aircraft, producing B-17s and B-29s for the war effort from 1943 to 1945 in Seattle. She is advocating Congress for getting March 21 recognized annually as a Rosie the Riveter Day of Remembrance. Saying she wants to inspire a "We Can Do It!" attitude among young girls everywhere, she also is advocating that Congress award the Rosies the Congressional Gold Medal for their service.

MARSHALL COUNTY, W.Va. - Jamie Ickes said Wednesday in a Marshall County court that he has hurt a lot of people and added he was sorry when he admitted to touching to young girls inappropriately. \"I have hurt so many people it's not even funny,\" Ickes said.He claims he doesn't know why he sexually abused two girls, ages 10 and 11, in between August 2013 and September 2014. Ickes called what he did terrible, said it shouldn't have happened, and he used bad judgment. He told a judge he had not been drinking or consuming any type of substances at the time.Prosecutors say the two young victims went to a school counselor and told them about what had happened. The counselor then went to the school resource officer, and an investigation began. One of the victims said he touched her in private areas on top of her clothing. Ickes will now have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life and faces 10-50 years in prison. He will be sentenced at 10 a.m. on May 1.

It has been reported that approximately 4% of pre-pubertal girls with a genital complaint will have a vaginal foreign body, and that a vaginal foreign body will be found to be the cause of the complaint in 18% of those with a vaginal discharge and up to 50% with vaginal bleeding.3 The majority of vaginal foreign bodies are found between the ages of three and nine, and the most common object identified is a wad of toilet paper, which is found in up to 80% of cases.4 The classic symptoms of vaginal foreign bodies are vaginal bleeding and a blood-stained vaginal discharge. The history is rarely helpful because the insertion is frequently not witnessed by an adult nor does the child usually disclose putting an object into the vagina. Foreign bodies have been reported to be inserted by children because the genital area may be pruritic, the children may be exploring their bodies, or it is a behavior related to sexual abuse.5

Sexually transmitted infections (STI) are a rare cause of vaginal discharge in pre-pubertal girls. Estimates are that 5% of at risk children will be infected with an STI. In sexual abuse cases, Neissesia gonorrhoeae has been estimated to be found in 3.3%, Chlamydia trachomatis in 3.1%, Trichomonas vaginalis in 5.9% and Treponema pallidum in 0.3%.6 In cases presenting as suspected sexual abuse, it is common practice to obtain studies to evaluate a vaginal discharge for an STI; however, there are no current recommendations to obtain cultures of the vaginal discharge associated with vaginal foreign bodies.1

Vaginal discharge is also a common finding in patients with a vaginal foreign body occurring in more than 18% of patients.7 However, vaginal discharge as a general complaint is a common gynecologic problem in pre-pubertal girls, accounting for more than 70% of all gynecologic concerns in young girls.4 Because pre-pubertal girls are not naturally exposed to STI, pediatricians and EPs often do not consider them as a possible cause for a vaginal discharge.

My heart is so heavy,what happen to our Soldiers over there.I been to Afghanistan as a medical mission Nurse.The last time I went we were taking and suffer 9 days of our hell.How we survive only God knows.But there let us go.When we got away we swore never to talk about it,all 4 of us suffer injury's.These people are pure evil this country is pure evil.It will never change I seen horrible things and lived them in my own skin.My friend she killed herself,she never could deal what happen to us.We need to pull our Soldier's out.You truly need to be there to see what is going on,This country never ever will change,these people don't know nothing but violence 80% hate freedom no rights for women a dog has for rights.Rapes of women young girls as young as 10 yrs get sold to 40-50 yr old men.Its this what our tax money support,it is so easy when you sit in Washington.This is the things the news don't report.Our Soldiers can't talk about these things but I can.This country is evil and never going to get better,we keep loosing soldiers good people there.I pray for them everyday and I hope there never get capture from these animals it would be better to shoots yourself.And on a note there don;t respect our religion because there took my bible and burned it and destroy my necklace with a cross.And if you go there stay close to US or NATO military never Afghan there never can be trust.Washington you have no Idea what you doing.WAKE UP..LOVE MAGGIE

afghans are a civil peace loving people, . that give women no rights at all, rape and marry 10 year old girls,disfigure beat or kill them if they do not obey. ex: afghan in canada kills his daughters for acting out. yeah this is a peaceful people. we should leav and let u all rot in your own sewer of a country , and if one attack developes from afghanistan , we level the whole country. if u r an afghan, why dont u live in this great country u describe.. im done. u people make me sick

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