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Improve Your E-Bike Riding Experience with FAZUA Firmware 2.04

How to Download and Install Fazua Firmware 2.04 for Your E-Bike

If you own an e-bike with a Fazua Evation drive system, you might be interested in downloading and installing the latest firmware update for your e-bike. Fazua Firmware 2.04 is a major software update that improves the performance, functionality, and compatibility of your e-bike. In this article, we will show you how to download and install Fazua Firmware 2.04 from the official website, and what benefits it brings to your e-bike.

fazua firmware 2.04 download

What is Fazua Firmware 2.04 and Why You Need It

Fazua Firmware 2.04 is the latest software update for e-bikes with a Fazua Evation drive system. But before we explain what it does, let's take a look at what a Fazua Evation drive system is.

Fazua Evation System: A Brief Introduction

The Fazua Evation system is a lightweight and compact electric drive system that integrates seamlessly into the frame of your e-bike. It consists of three main components: the Drivepack, the Energy pack, and the Bottom Bracket. The Drivepack contains the motor and battery in one unit, which can be easily removed from the frame, leaving only the Bottom Bracket with the gearbox and sensors on your bike. This means that you can use your e-bike with or without electric assistance, depending on your preference.

The Fazua Evation system offers three levels of pedal assistance: Breeze, River, and Rocket, which can be controlled by a remote on your handlebar or frame. The system also connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to adjust settings, monitor data, and access features such as navigation, fitness tracking, and theft protection.

Fazua Firmware 2.04: The Latest Update for Your E-Bike

Fazua Firmware 2.04 is a free software update that enhances the performance and functionality of your e-bike with a Fazua Evation system. It addresses some of the issues that users have reported with previous versions of the firmware, such as low power output, narrow cadence range, loud noise, and limited data sharing capabilities.

With Fazua Firmware 2.04, you can expect:

  • A more powerful and responsive motor that supports a wider range of cadences

  • A quieter and more efficient drive system that extends your battery range

  • An improved data sharing feature that allows you to connect your e-bike to ANT+ LEV devices such as GPS units or smartwatches

To enjoy these benefits, you need to download and install Fazua Firmware 2.04 on your e-bike.

How to Download Fazua Firmware 2.04 from the Official Website

To download Fazua Firmware 2.04, you need to visit the Fazua website and download two files: the Toolbox software and the firmware file. The Toolbox software is a program that allows you to connect your e-bike to your computer and perform the firmware update. The firmware file is the actual software update that you need to install on your e-bike. Here are the steps to download these files:

Step 1: Visit the Fazua Downloads Page

Go to and scroll down to the section "Firmware Update". You will see a table with the latest firmware versions for different drive systems. Find the row that matches your drive system (e.g. Evation 1.0) and check the version number. It should be 2.04 or higher. If not, you need to update your firmware.

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Step 2: Choose Your Operating System and Download the Toolbox Software

Below the table, you will see two buttons: "Download for Windows" and "Download for Mac". Choose the one that corresponds to your operating system and click on it. A new window will open and ask you to save the Toolbox software file on your computer. Choose a location where you can easily find it later and click "Save". The file size is about 50 MB and it may take a few minutes to download.

Step 3: Download the Fazua Firmware 2.04 File for Your Drive System

Go back to the table on the Fazua downloads page and find the row that matches your drive system again. On the right side of the row, you will see a button that says "Download Firmware". Click on it and a new window will open and ask you to save the firmware file on your computer. Choose a location where you can easily find it later and click "Save". The file size is about 1 MB and it should download quickly.

How to Install Fazua Firmware 2.04 on Your E-Bike

Now that you have downloaded both files, you are ready to install Fazua Firmware 2.04 on your e-bike. You will need a USB cable that fits your drivepack (usually a micro USB cable) and a computer with an internet connection. Here are the steps to install the firmware update:

Step 1: Connect Your Drivepack to Your Computer via USB Cable

First, you need to remove your drivepack from your e-bike frame. To do this, unlock the battery cover on your e-bike and slide out the drivepack. Then, connect one end of the USB cable to your drivepack and the other end to your computer. Make sure that your drivepack is switched on (you should see a green light) and that your computer recognizes it as a device.

Step 2: Launch the Toolbox Software and Select Firmware Update

Next, you need to launch the Toolbox software that you downloaded earlier. To do this, double-click on the file that you saved on your computer (it should have a name like "Fazua_Toolbox_Installer.exe" or "Fazua_Toolbox_Installer.dmg"). Follow the instructions on the screen to install and run the Toolbox software. Once it is open, you should see a window with four options: Firmware Update, Settings, Service, and About. Click on "Firmware Update".

Step 3: Choose Online or Manual Update and Start the Process

Now, you need to choose whether you want to update your firmware online or manually. If you choose online update, the Toolbox software will automatically check for the latest firmware version on the Fazua website and download it for you. If you choose manual update, you will have to browse for the firmware file that you downloaded earlier and select it yourself.

We recommend choosing online update, as it is easier and faster. To do this, click on "Online Update" and then click "Start". The Toolbox software will then connect to the Fazua website and download Fazua Firmware 2.04 for your drive system.

Step 4: Wait for the Update to Complete and Disconnect the USB Cable

The update process may take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed and the size of the firmware file. During this time, do not disconnect the USB cable or turn off your drivepack or computer. You will see a progress bar on the Toolbox software window that shows you how much of the update has been completed. When the update is done, you will see a message that says "Update successful". Click "OK" and then disconnect the USB cable from your drivepack and computer.

What are the Benefits of Fazua Firmware 2.04 for Your E-Bike

Now that you have installed Fazua Firmware 2.04 on your e-bike, you can enjoy the benefits of this software update. Here are some of the main improvements that Fazua Firmware 2.04 brings to your e-bike:

Improved Power Output and Cadence Range

One of the most noticeable changes that Fazua Firmware 2.04 makes is the increase in power output and cadence range of your e-bike. With this update, your e-bike can deliver up to 10% more power in all three assistance modes: Breeze, River, and Rocket. This means that you can climb steeper hills, accelerate faster, and ride longer with less effort.

In addition, Fazua Firmware 2.04 also expands the cadence range of your e-bike, which is the number of revolutions per minute (RPM) that your pedals make. With this update, your e-bike can support a cadence range of 50 to 120 RPM, compared to the previous range of 55 to 105 R


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